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Seven other team members throughout the company have been promoted to associate- and senior associate-level roles. The evening was filled with food, drinks, and immersive exhibits. Pillow fights were encouraged, while a beauty bar made guests selfie-ready for a visit to the photogenic Psychedelic Dream Room. The series of prints and patterns includes everything from throw pillows to cloth coasters.

Nick Jonas has been quite busy lately. In the past year, the singer married Priyanka Chopra, reunited with his bandmates and brothers Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas to release a new album called "Happiness Begins," starred in the film Midway out now , and embarked on an international tour with the Jonas Brothers. And as the year-old's life quickly evolves, so too does his style and design sense, something Varvatos has noticed after working with Jonas. And like his music, everything evolves.

Architectural Digest : We're here because you have a new scent! Can you tell me a little bit about it? Nick Jonas: Much like our lives, I think it's continuing to evolve. Creatively, artistically, you always evolve. And that's what we've done with this fragrance. It captures the moment we're in. We wanted it to feel electric. AD : Scent is clearly very important to you. What about home scent? Do you have a signature smell? NJ: I don't have one in particular. When I lived here in New York, I was really starting to build out my home scent profile.

I was just trying different things, and it would basically just mean a new candle every couple of days. Now I have another person I'll have to run that past. AD : Speaking of Priyanka, how do you two combine design styles? NJ: I was really lucky in that I found someone who was totally understanding and accepting of my preferences.

She loved and accepted them in a way that you would want that person to do. I feel the same way with her life. And it's great when two very individual people can become one and create a common ground of creativity. I feel very lucky that I found someone so aware of how much it means to me and helps me stay in that inspiration.

AD : What does that common ground look like in terms of the design of your home? NJ: It's in flux. I'm on tour, and she's shooting a movie, so we're kind of between homes at the moment. But we're very excited to set up our home together and take those risks, try different things. We can go to the drawing board again if it's not feeling right and recreate it.

We'll take our time to get that right because there's certainly no rush. AD : How do you think your style has evolved over the years? NJ: As my creative life has evolved, I've found that I'm more willing to take risks than I was earlier on. And that's not to say that I can't ground it with some classic, simple pieces, but then have one element that really stands out. I think it's about being able to evolve and try to find ways to incorporate what feels right to you.

I think my creative life is a reflection of that. I'm taking bigger risks now than I've ever taken, both as a musician and as an actor and producer. It's really exciting to throw yourself out there and just try to take a big swing and see what happens. AD : Since you are between homes and on the road quite a bit, is there anything that you bring with you to make it feel a little more like home? NJ: When we're on tour, we have someone who basically is there just to make some of these very cold, not-so-homey backstage areas feel a little bit more like home. And for me, that's as simple as having a few of the things I like to eat in addition to some old records.

I have a little record player in my room, and the venue gives a gift when we come into town. I just ask for old records, and I'm starting to build out my collection right now. But it's still simple things. In the end, it can be as simple as having your favorite toothpaste in the bathroom that day.

It makes it feel a bit more like you're not a thousand miles from home and you've been on the road for six months. Amidst galleries of Picassos and Monets at Christie's Rockefeller Center headquarters, a shimmering nine-and-a-half-foot-long hippopotamus perches off to one side. A small and curated offering, the lot sale includes animalic design objects and sculptures. Most notably, the sale is simply fun.

The objects find an easy chemistry when placed side by side. A bronze tree of brown and green patina with an owl figure resting on a branch demonstrates the elastic, tactile quality for which the younger Giacometti is known. It's also the most appealing coat rack there may have ever been. The lot immediately following this piece is a contemporary foil, realized over 40 years later. Created by noted young designer David Wiseman , the sculpture features a ceramic owl on a spindly bronze branch. The specialists are already noting the buzz generated by the bronze Lalanne bathtub.

A large hatch on the side of the hippo's torso flips up to reveal a tub, while the animal's mouth can prop open, revealing a sink and water taps. Auspiciously, it was at the time included in the American design museum's Design in the 20th Century exhibition. A blue resin version of the tub was also featured in a profile of Les Lalannes in a February issue of AD.

Specialists expect that the sale's inventive curation of objects meant to delight and entertain will help its lots achieve their estimates, and then some. As Fusco says, "We wanted to really have a fun and playful scope of various artists looking at the theme. Shop now or regret it later! The profile of a typical WeWork designer might go something like this: recruited from the hospitality or retail industry, or right out of school; proficient in computational design; smart about prefabrication; well versed in the full life cycle of an office, from the real-estate acquisition to the placement of the last potted plant; efficient; deadline-oriented; exhausted.

One interior designer who worked there for four years the designers AD PRO spoke with declined to go on the record for this story, citing a strict NDA described the approach as engaging with the future of design. But staying ahead of the curve meant maintaining a ruthless pace: Since it launched in , WeWork has opened more than new offices, plus spin-off entities.

Right around the time WeWork intended to go public, the coworking-turned-life-services company had a dizzying array of ambitious design projects in play. There was Dock 72, the shiny Brooklyn Navy Yard building codeveloped by WeWork, built to withstand floods, and ready to open. That was in September. It remains to be seen how that will affect the aforementioned portfolio of design projects. The spokesperson also says that WeWork has several new building openings in the pipeline, including inaugural offices in Milan, Cape Town, Oslo, and Cologne, plus more in California and Canada.

The former employee we spoke to says that at WeWork, design and real estate go hand in hand. In a letter sent to management on November 5, a group of more than employees also asked for health benefits and compensation for devalued stock options. Those who stay are asking for a seat at the table in corporate decision-making. That growth-oriented approach began in when WeWork bought Case , a New York architecture company known for its innovative use of software in drawing up building plans. It has to be ruthlessly efficient. But beyond camaraderie, that class of designers shares another defining trait: a new lens on a traditional field.

They have the chance to shape the future of other businesses and industries. Sources were reluctant to share details about new companies just yet. WeWork changed the model for how design and buildings can scale, the former VP says. Those designers can be expected to keep pursuing new methods and technology—whether within WeWork or not. Over the course of her celebrated career as a supermodel, wellness warrior, entrepreneur, and mother of two, Elle Macpherson has orchestrated the design and construction of numerous houses in the U.

For her latest home in Florida, the Australian-born beauty decided to take a far different approach than her previous efforts. All in all, not a bad place to start. Elle wanted a nimble, pragmatic, and no-fuss experience without compromising style. We focused on highlighting the best aspects of the architecture together with the abundant natural light to craft beautiful rooms with a youthful, modern spirit.

But her search eventually led her to this Normandy-inspired house designed by architect Chad Oppenheim on two verdant acres featuring massive live oaks together with lemon, orange, and mango trees and an organic vegetable garden. Someone wise once told me that when it comes to acquiring art, you should buy your contemporaries because they speak your cultural language.

She also credits Tony Shafrazi, the charismatic dealer and artist, as an early mentor and cicerone through the labyrinthine art market. Though she is a passionate collector, she was adamant that we avoid creating the austere or expected look of a gallery. Those decisions were not made lightly. But it still had to feel considered. Less is more, but it can also be more challenging. I often find myself cooking breakfast for eight to 10 leftover boys, which is a switch from the black-tie entertaining I used to do regularly when we lived in London.

But, ever since, he has explored issues of architecture, engineering, and a fictional sort of archaeology in work that always evokes a poetic conversation between past and future. Upon graduating in , Arsham returned to his hometown, Miami, where he and a group of friends rented a s bungalow-style house, gutted it, and opened a gallery space called, fittingly, The House. Here, the group exhibited every kind of art imaginable, from paintings to film and performance.

Arsham also continued pursuing his own art practice. At around the same time, Art Basel launched its yearly Miami edition, and there was increasing interest in local artists among the international art-world grandees who descended on the city for the fair.

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A few years later, Arsham cofounded Snarkitecture with Alex Mustonen, a friend from school. It was a way for Arsham to execute projects that were closer to architecture. We had been going out to the Hamptons and loved being near the water, but I was originally looking for a piece of land that Snarkitecture would build on.

About an hour from New York City, the compact house of approximately 2, square feet sits on a peninsula on the outskirts of a historic village on Long Island. There was tons of work to be done, and the project was driven to conserve as much as possible. Luckily, somehow all the original documents, photographs, drawings, and even personal notes by Jaffe about the finishes had managed to survive over the decades. The entire cedar interior was sanded to bring the wood back to its lighter surface and then sealed. Arsham did modify a few things: He replaced the slate tile in the kitchen and elevated walkway in the living room with a vintage-style terrazzo.

The design stage took about five months and overlapped with the restoration, which lasted nine months from start to finish. Despite the demanding schedule of a global art star, Arsham and his family get out to the house most weekends and during the summer. The house has even become something of a muse for Arsham.

At Art Basel Miami Beach this month he will exhibit a project with Friedman Benda in which his recent work will be shown in a space that re-creates a combination of his living room and office. Billy Cotton wants to make one thing clear. I leave the art-making to my artist friends and clients. When I was coming up in New York, my friends were artists and people who worked in galleries.

Proximity apparently has worked out well for Cotton. In the past decade he has worked with young artists—Annabel Mehran, Margaret Lee, Mirabelle Marden, and others—as well as titans of contemporary art on the order of Cindy Sherman, for whom he renovated a 19th-century farmhouse in East Hampton AD , December and, more recently, a New York City triplex penthouse, pictured here.

Upstairs, in the kitchen, the designer paired simple Georgian-style cabinetry with a collection of 18th-century Delft tiles. Billy got it. I love it. The nicest spot in the neighborhood to have a drink is our home. He was Born in Toronto, Matthew was on the autism spectrum, suffered from Tourette syndrome, and struggled with depression. He eventually enrolled at the University of Michigan, where he studied cultural anthropology.

After graduation, he took on several desk jobs. But there was something stirring within the young man. This creative energy finally burst like a Roman candle in , when the then year-old first began seriously experimenting with painting. That's when I first began to notice he had an extremely talented mind.

Soon after he began painting, the art world quickly took notice as well. Two years later, in , Wong had his first of several breakthroughs: The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre arranged a solo exhibition of his work. While the modestly sized show was a significant mark in his young career, it was more of a launching point for his paintings to be shared and studied throughout the Internet. It was on art forums and through Facebook channels that his name began to take root.

By , Matthew was gaining significant steam, which manifested itself with a solo show at the Karma Gallery. The critics were smitten. One reviewer said , "He synthesizes stylized representations, bright colors, and mystical themes to create rich, evocative scenes.

Indeed, Wong was creating consequential art, accomplishing what all great modern art must: bowing to the past while also providing a path for a different future. The forthcoming show Blue , which begins tonight, is a collection of nearly 30 paintings that have never been seen by the public. Wong spent the last year of his life working on the pieces that make up the exhibition. The name of the show comes from a place of nostalgia, a fluidity in identity.

Viewers will quickly see why Wong has been compared to Van Gogh and Seurat. His mastery of pointillism, his granulation of atmosphere, is unrivaled by many of his contemporaries. There's real movement in his quick, deft strokes, yet he also has such command over his form. He forces us to take, to be absorbed by the room or landscape he's created.

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Blue consists of an impressive tonal range of works, from quiet country life inside a kitchen to a nighttime landscape under a starlit sky one of the paintings is even titled Starry Night. By implementing velvety blues, gossamer paint strokes, and methodical crosshatchings, his work creates real personality, both intimate and abyssal. During the summer of , two years after Vincent van Gogh began his short and wildly prolific venture into painting, he wrote a letter to his younger brother, Theo. In it the Dutch painter explained what he hoped his art would do for others.

According to the gallery, "Every detail of Blue was conceived of by Wong and proceeds according to his wishes. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the mini show house, which Hadley devised as a means of not only raising money for local charities, but also of championing both established and emerging designers. While the show house opened just yesterday, it will only be on view until November Michael Adams and Lizzy Gunn, AdamsID Adams and Gunn brought to life the well-stocked enclave of a doomsday prepper for their vignette, complete with canned and dry goods, a gas mask, gold bullions, and plenty of cash.

Concrete walls and various tools and weaponry complete the deliciously paranoid aesthetic. The festive setting, complete with cake, is meant to channel her Southern roots. Jack Franzen and Katrina Verlac, J. Franzen Associates The father-daughter duo included their 25 favorite things in this Nordic vignette, which centers around a Scandinavian box bed that looks out onto a Copenhagen streetscape. A Noma cookbook and salty licorice continue the theme, while shou sugi ban walls infuse a Japanese influence. The cheerful yet soothing pastel-hued space features Drop It Modern wallpaper, Franca ceramics, and a framed Alex Katz towel.

Vintage chairs covered in a snug Rosemary Hallgarten alpaca wool fabric sit alongside retro-kitsch curios and wallpaper patterned with tiny skiers. Artwork by Israeli-Romani artist Marcel Janco and floral arrangement with green beans add to the irreverent mood. Scott Falciglia and Jhon Ortiz, the Tailored Home A spread fit for a Mad Hatter anchors the Alice in Wonderland —inspired scene from Falciglia and Ortiz, which is an exuberant explosion of botanical prints, luxe textures, and neon cookies.

So when the AD firm was awarded a J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize by Exhibit Columbus this year, an annual design program in Columbus, Indiana , and asked to create an installation in the town of 44, residents, it proposed something both familiar and foreign: a corn maze that gives a glimpse into the crop's production.

When one drives through Indiana, corn fields are a constant landscape: Twenty-five percent of the state is covered in the crop. But "corn is an unfamiliar context in the city," says Taylor, who heads the food systems design laboratory at MASS and is an organic fruit and vegetables farmer herself, in rural Connecticut. At the center, picnic tables create a gathering space for science teaching, community meals, and play. The Future Farmers of America have hosted their weekly meetings here since the installation was implemented.

At night, the tables are illuminated from below, giving off an alien glow that is a playful allusion to the cult phenomenon of crop circles. Weaving through the maze engages passersby, and placards within it give information on corn varieties, origins, and uses. While the crop seems ubiquitous, knowledge of its use is not.

In reality, Indianans may never eat their state's own corn. Only one percent of the corn grown there is dedicated for human consumption. Most of the farmed plants are for animal feed 46 percent and ethanol production 30 percent. During opening weekend in late August, children climbed atop tables and chased one another through the stalks, which were grown from 10, seeds planted by local volunteers at the beginning of the summer.

As temperatures drop and snow begins to descend on the town this fall and winter, the unharvested plants will wither and die. It's all part of the plan, says the architect: "The aging of the plants as the season changes is something that we built into the design process. And so is creating these opportunities for learning through design. Taylor's design group focuses on the "responsibility that designers and architects have to participate in the redesign and rebuilding of regional, just, and equitable food systems," she says, supporting a return to localism in food farming and consuming.

Radical transformation is not optional given climate change. The Dallas shop, which was the fifth to open for the brand, is currently seeing big demand for its line of Japanese ribbed and pinched ceramics, as well as its designer collections. His collection will hit select stores, as well as the retail giant's online platform , on November While the designer has already tested the expansion waters with his Amazon line, this debut marks a new fast-fashion frontier for the designer. Expect ceramic pieces brimming with Adler's signature aesthetic, and more than a little bit of metallic detailing.

Perhaps this just goes to show that Adler's best business days are in fact ahead of him. Or at least, her namesake firm is. First, burgeoning cult brand Lake Pajamas launched a capsule collection of women's and kids' pj's featuring Sister Parish's Serendipity print. The perfect set of offerings, it seems, for designers looking to mix traditional aesthetics with current trends. Flowers of the Month Begin to Bloom Fake flowers have a bad rap, but that doesn't mean they can't be chic.

The painted terra-cotta works were celebrated at a party this week by Bergdorf Goodman. As the collection's name implies, there are 12 variations, ranging from carnations to poppies to delphiniums. Moss and Mitchell were inspired by Robert Fuber's 18th-century text of the same name. Therefore, this winter might not be so barren of flowers after all.

The leather and wood piece is just the thing to set your new client project apart from the rest of the glassy ski retreats out there. Now, Caraway Home , which debuted this week, is the new colorful purveyor of pots and pans on the block. Expect apricot orange colorways so pretty they might further disrupt the industry.

And this week, to celebrate the line's third anniversary, the company debuted a slew of new offerings. Highlights include works from Faye Toogood and Flos. Artemest Debuts a Fashionable New Collection Luisa Beccaria , known for her beautifully detailed dresses available through Moda Operandi and other shops, is out with a pink, purple, and blue tabletop collection thanks to Artemest.

Luisa has been a beacon of loveliness in Italy, and this collaboration will bring a touch of magic to tabletops everywhere. Business Wayfair Hits a Financial Speed Bump Wayfair, a hopeful challenger to e-commerce giants like Amazon, had a bit of a hiccup last week: It lost nearly 18 percent of its total value.

Now , despite the fact that the company has exceeded sales expectations, its costs appear to have also skyrocketed. All eyes are on the retailer to see how it will weather this particular storm. Hires A. Furniture has a new chief—who happens to share a name with the last one. Jeff Cook has stepped down as CEO of the manufacturer, and is being replaced by Jeff Young, it was announced this week.

Young was previously the chief branding officer of Markor, the Chinese parent company of A. As those who keep a keen eye on British cultural institutions are well aware, the Biennale couldn't have found a more qualified candidate than Broackes. From through , Broackes served as the head of the London Design Festival. And she is the previous senior curator for the Victoria and Albert Museum 's department of theater and performance.

Broackes takes over the Biennale post from Will Sorrell. The takeaways? Accent walls within the loo are trending, with over a third of renovating homeowners reporting adding the feature—either within the shower or outside it—during their master bathroom renovation. Also on renovators' minds: freestanding flat-bottom tubs, which have risen in popularity over the last two years, and the use of "techy toilets," with a third of renovated WCs featuring toilets with high-tech features think built-in night-lights, heated seats, and other such comforts.

Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship— Harvard Graduate School of Design's annual grant that aims to benefit globally based and research-focused architects. Applications will close on January 26, Frank's worldly textile focus? Then this weekend is the most important time to head to its online shop. The catch? It's the last time it will be doing a nationwide digital holiday sale.

And, for at least, the company won't be offering any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Cuisine details aside, design enthusiasts will be eager to hear that none other than Axel Vervoordt completed the project. It's a rare commercial endeavor for the AD Belgian interior designer, whose residential homes and antique dealing has continued to win praise. While dining at the Palais Keller, look out for its carefully restored 15th-century vaulted ceilings in particular. The Rockwell Group Brings a Taste of the Scottish Highlands to Downtown Detroit What happens when you combine the aesthetic of Scotland's rugged countryside with that of Detroit's industry-based history?

If AD's Rockwell Group is involved, it seems the answer is a hot new restaurant. The Rockwell Group has designed Highlands , an eatery that opens next week at the top of the global headquarters for General Motors. The only thing that might just distract from views of the interior are the exterior vistas, which allow visitors to see across the border and into Canada. This week, the honorary show house chair of the Palm Beach Kips Bay Decorator Show House announced with the nonprofit all 19 decorators set to participate in the iteration of the still relatively new designer showcase.

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Alessandra Branca , Suzanne Kasler , and Tom Kirchhoff are just a handful of those whose work will be on view. Seems like the interiors industry has a lot to look forward to come February 1, Specify With Care lets companies donate a percentage of their sales of certain collections to benefit the organization's mission of raising both awareness and funds for organizations that provide treatment, services, advocacy, and more for those affected by HIV and AIDS. Dubbed the Interceptor, this boat is designed to collect plastic trash as it floats down rivers and into the sea.

The Interceptor, which was unveiled in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in October, is a solar-powered trash-collecting barge. Once the vessel is anchored to the riverbed, it lies in wait for plastic trash to float down river into its collection system, where a series of conveyor belts scoop debris from the water and fill dumpsters, which can be removed for recycling.

The then year-old Slat was inspired to dedicate his life to cleaning up the ocean after a scuba-diving expedition on which he saw more plastic trash than wildlife. After quitting his astrophysics degree to focus on ocean cleanup full-time, Slat attracted international attention for a series of proposals to collect and recycle trash from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The plan involved an automated system that would create a floating artificial coastline to catch plastic as it drifted on ocean currents.

So far, the machine is promising, four Interceptors have already been built, and two are operational, one on the Klang River that flows through Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and one on the Cengkareng Drain, which flows through Jakarta, Indonesia. The other two are destined for Vietnam and the Dominican Republic. The hypermodern looking vessels are an incongruous sight on the muddy, slow-moving rivers of Southeast Asia; they call to mind a sort of sci-fi Mississippi riverboat that never beats past the current upstream.

Outfitted with lithium-ion batteries and an array of solar panels, the Interceptors can operate day or night, without producing noise or pollution. In fact, the river does most of the work for them. The organization estimates that a single Interceptor could remove as much as , pounds of plastic trash a day from a polluted river, and claims that because the arm will not completely span the river, it will not impede boat traffic or local wildlife. The idea is to implement the Interceptor as a scalable solution that can be mass-produced to meet needs around the world. A Campaign for Drippy Decor The award-winning crowd-financing platform, Honeycomb Credit, launched its first Philadelphia campaign with Brian Giniewski, the ceramics artist behind the highly covetable Drippy Pots.

Brian, who also recently partnered with Anthropologie to sell his wares, is seeking small-scale investments in order to purchase equipment so he can more efficiently create affordable handmade pieces. He's on a roll—let's help him crank out the drippy delights!

For the tables, the brand has two simple, adaptable styles available for presale for now. The coffee and side tables are timeless and made from durable materials, plus they feature no-tool assembly and fast, free shipping. If you need an entire living room redo, head over to Burrow. Now, he's back on our radar with a planter collection. Produced in collaboration with AllModern, the pieces look good while keeping your plants hydrated and your floors and furniture dry.

We want both concrete options designed by the plant stylist extraordinaire. The wooden piece just calls to be customized. How would you deck out your LEGO? Not only were the results pretty miraculous, but we added some must-see locations to our travel bucket list. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Walton Ford In , the artist, known for his depictions of animals, purchased the historic West Village townhouse of Aaron Burr, who famously killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. The home boasts two bedrooms and four fireplaces, but did not come with tickets to the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical.

It features two homes: one designed by architect Richard Neutra in for his secretary and another, a seven-sided UFO-like structure from , designed by Michael Maltzan. Louise Bourgeois This French-American artist lived for almost 50 years in a 19th-century brick row house in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, at West 20th Street. Ugo Rondinone In addition to a stunning house he shared with the late John Giorno in Mattituck, New York, the Swiss artist converted an abandoned 15,square-foot Baptist church in Harlem into a home and studio.

A dining area features an Italian ceramic zebra, as well as nearly floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows. Mary Heilmann This quaint home and barn in Bridgehampton, New York, which features an organic garden tended by the artist and her neighbors, was originally crafted from a kit purchased in the s from the Sears and Roebuck catalog. It includes a stone house that was previously a silk factory as well as a greenhouse containing a foot battleship.

You need to wear special padded slippers for the tour. Cindy Sherman With her weekend home in Springs, New York, the photographer has continued the tradition of maintaining this bucolic and forested area nestled between East Hampton and Amagansett as an artist community. The surrealist painter lived and worked here from to Occasionally the home is open to the public.

Eventually she shared it with her husband, Diego Rivera, and died there in Mariko Mori In , this Japanese artist put her New York City duplex, featuring four fireplaces and two private garden terraces, on the market, but she still has an apartment in Tokyo that is special because it is all white. Vanessa German When she moved to Pittsburgh, this American artist began creating art on her front porch after she ran out of space in the basement.

Kids started stopping by, and German started making art with them. That led to this incarnation of the ARThouse, a brightly painted structure with tile and mirrors where the artist makes art with the community. Originally, Katz used a stable attached to the home as his studio; now he paints in a structure he can walk to in the woods nearby. You might be familiar with Chillhouse from the home tour we did with the founders last year. Or perhaps you've made your way to the Lower East Side for a wellness latte and a manicure.

The new SoHo flagship location officially opened for business and the 3,square-foot space is a serious feast for the eyes. Founder Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton learned a lot from the original oft-Instagrammed downtown hot spot. And you can tell from all the major upgrades at Chillhouse 2. In just a couple of years the first location opened in , it's amazing what Cyndi and her partner in life and business , Adam Fulton, have done. For the latest iteration, they teamed up once again with architect Jeffrey White of Ecology Architecture Urbanism and online home improvement retailer Build.

Morristown - Home

Check out our favorite elements the team dreamed up for New York's newest relaxation oasis. A definite palette "As far as design goes, the colors and shapes are very important to us," says Cyndi. The Lower East Side was a huge learning curve," says Cyndi, referring to her downtown baby. Seating takes center stage We have to take a personal moment to gush about the fact that our very own Clever x UO bench is prominently displayed at the front of the spa.

Cyndi agrees: "That was like the epitome of a statement piece—a favorite piece. She and the team were conscious of making sure the particular feature wouldn't dirty easily. It's details like these that were considered with more care a second time around. Different vibes for different destinations "Our nail area is so bright and airy—it will draw people in," says Cyndi.

It gives me Euphoria vibes. No matter where you are, there's likely a far-off siren in the background, a beeping truck, and an array of voices. The corner where Chillhouse is located is no stranger to chaos three major streets surround the building. Still, Cyndi kind of likes the power the space has inside. Tucked in the back of the oasis is a spa area with an infrared sauna, a shower, and a changing area. The 2,square-foot house is situated on an unusually shaped 0.

The house opens onto a light-filled double-height front foyer with eccentrically shaped windows situated along the walls, with a step-down living room just off the main entrance. Black-painted beams provide high color contrast to the otherwise light-toned space, with its metal-fronted wood-burning fireplace and concrete floors. A nearby dining room is connected to an extensive custom wet bar with an entire wall adorned with old magazine covers and spreads; a kitchen with an L-shaped island and double-height ceilings rounds out the ground-floor offerings.

Several orblike lighting structures help illuminate the space and add to the somewhat space-age aesthetic. Upstairs, the master suite is tucked under sloped ceilings and features a glass wall, giving the illusion of a bedroom nestled among the trees.

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A built-in wooden dresser and shelves are minimalist and sleek, and are likely perfect spots for both storing and displaying favorite items. A cozy seating area off to one side overlooks the backyard. The master bathroom also features a sloped ceiling and boasts a concrete vanity, deep-soaking tub, and rain shower. A custom walk-in closet provides ample room for clothing and shoe storage.

The Globe and Mail

Other bedrooms in the home are equally design-forward—one has a wall of built-in metal shelves, and yet another tucked into a room with wooden shelves lining two whole walls. Out back, the home has multiple outdoor entertaining areas thanks to tiered patios with a barbecue and kitchen for outdoor dining, a lounge area in one of the higher tiered patios, and an infinity-edge pool and spa with a fountain. Texas is full of great designers and makers, and new things are happening every day in the Lone Star State. To help you keep up with all the design news and goings-on in the area, AD PRO is here with what you need to know this week.

The company now has 18 months to boost profits to avoid being delisted on the New York Stock Exchange. What other tonal shifts might the company make to get back in the black? Time will tell. The plants and pots that were unharmed will be sold to help fund rebuilding efforts, according to D Magazine. A cocktail tasting and book signing will take place at Christofle Houston on Tuesday, November 12, from 6 p.

The redevelopment of the MFAH Sarofim Campus and related off-site art storage facilities is the largest cultural project in North America currently in progress. They are currently accepting applications and nominations of buildings to host the 3rd annual Wood Window Workshop, to be held in March The building that hosts the workshop will have many of its windows restored by workshop participants, free of charge to the building owner.

Download the submission guidelines for more information. Last month I was lucky enough to go to an event where the matriarch of astrology, the one and only Susan Miller, was in attendance. Not only was she there, but she looked me in the eye and told me how fabulous is going to be for me. As much as I wish Susan was a personal confidante, she was talking to me because she just collaborated with Venus et Fleur , a rose atelier, on a zodiac collection. While I wandered around looking at each colorful box of roses—a color per sign—it got me thinking: I don't just want some flowers in my power color surrounding me, but entire pieces of furniture.

A lamp! A rug! A bedspread! Sure there are probably a thousand different things on the internet that may say a Taurus is more of a green versus a true blue, but here we're sticking to Susan Miller's Venus et Fleur color guide. And if you're not into astrology, maybe your best friend's sign is your favorite color and you can just decorate with them in mind. Aries March 21—April 19 Your color is a bold red. You're confident, decisive, and a definite fire sign. Go for tomato reds, bright poppies, and energetic crimsons—colors that are energetic, just like you. Taurus April 20—May 20 Your color is a tried-and-true blue.

Surround yourself with sumptuous sapphires, a striking navy, and a bright cobalt. Cozy elements, like down quilts and piles of pillows, should be your go-tos. Gemini May 21—June 20 Your color is yellow. From champagne to sunflowers, you are bright, humorous, and totally versatile. As a sign who enjoys the finer things in life, you should decorate with some vibrant golden accents—anything to add that light lemony va-va-voom to a room. Cancer June 21—July 22 Your color is a pearly white. You have serious nurturing vibes, plus a great mix of imagination. Drape your home in silks, structural cream elements, and lots of glowing candles.

Leo July 23—August 22 Your color is a brilliant orange. You're a life of the party—both warm and exuberant. Find pieces that suit your great eye for design in tangerines, apricots, and peaches. Essentially, you're a fabulous fruit salad. Virgo August 23—September 22 Your color is a minty fresh green. Try sage, a dashing celadon, and subtle jade.

You're reliable, organized, and a powerful force. Find things you love with striking details and impeccable craftsmanship.

🌟 2020 Astrology Horoscope for Capricorn 🌟

Libra September 23—October 22 Your color is feather-light pink. Cotton candy, salmon, and soft rose. You're polished and always ahead of the trends, so of course, you're the sign of millennial pink. Decorate your space with all the pinks and don't be afraid of an extra ruffle or hint of glitter here and there. Scorpio October 23—November 21 Your color is a purply plum. Think magentas, dark reds, and rich burgundies. You are engaging, mysterious, and authoritative.

We recommend wine-color velvets and moody eggplant vases. Sagittarius November 22—December 21 Your color is…all of them! You are a free spirit and a lover of all sorts of cultures, so it makes sense that you want to fill your home with all the colors. You are a rainbow. Best bets include wild patterned rugs and bright, colorful dishware. Capricorn December 22—January 19 Your color is a lovely lavender. You are ambitious, you appreciate your quiet, but you also like to celebrate any kind of occasion.

Collect lush lilacs, pale purples, and alluring violets. Preferable fabrics include cotton, cashmere, and wool, so don't shy from a textural interior. He previously played for the club between and but failed to make an impression. Dom Sibley and Zak Crawley both compiled centuries in their first innings in an England shirt as preparations for the Test series against New Zealand got under way in Whangarei. Kemba Walker led the way with 29 points as the Boston Celtics secured an eighth straight win with a victory over the Dallas Mavericks.

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