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You may have to make sudden trips and start on unplanned journeys. That will be a part of your effort to cope with the the problems that Saturn creates for you during this period. You may also run into unforeseen expenses and money supply may be squeezed. Phase 2 In Moonsign Do not copy any content without permission. Violations will attract strict legal penalties.

Since this is the beginning of the Sadesati, you can't afford to lose courage now. If you become Astrology Articles Astrology depressed in this period all will be lost. Remember this about Saturn, every crisis that it sends your way is an opportunity wrapped inside a lot of trouble. Saturn loves those who love astrobix. Work agains the tide and you will get ashore.

Do not leave any stone unturned to beat Like your problems. Your efforts will be your salvation. Terms of Use About astrobix During this period Saturn will pass through the Moonsign in which you were born. This is also Disclaimer Contact us called Janma-Shani. This is considered the most testing phase of Sadesati. Survive this, and you've overcome the worst that Saturn can throw your way.


Privacy Links Kuldeep. Work with us During this period you may feel intense pressure. You might feel caged, or repressed and just plugin Facebook social aching to break free and escape. There will be problems in the professional front.

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Maybe even a job change! In the domestic front too there will be fresh challenges to face. Your relationships with your family will take a beating, and you will be working overtime to maintain the cordiality and love that you've always enjoyed. Pay special attention to your mother and the elder women in your family. On the emotional and psychological front you may feel as if you are in a daze. Your thinking will be hazy and you will have problems taking decisions.

Don't be overcome by this.

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You may also feel fear for no apparent reason. Try to be as clear in your thought as you can be, and take every action after thinking it through. Logic and rationality will be your strength during these 2. Don't let them leave your side. With strong determination and sustained effort you can beat this period just like you beat the last one. By now you might be feeling a little bitter. It's time to be retrospective and think about all the positive things in your life, and think about all the good people in your life.

Don't let your humanity and empathy die. Your enemies might be a little extra active during this time, so don't be careless. Try not to give an opportunity to others to hurt you.

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Work to maintain a cordial relationship with your bosses and the administration. Show everybody that you still have the old charm and enthusiasm and can make things happen. You might feel a little financial pressure right now, but nothing that you haven't dealt with in the 5 years earlier. Keep a check on your expenses and try to build some savings for sudden expenses.

This is the last phase of the Sadesati and it is said that when Saturn goes out of the Sadesati, rewards follow for the deserving. They are very adjustable in nature and can adapt to any situation or changing circumstances effectively, be it in their career, business or personal lives. If you feel that your career or business is not on track as you would have wished, you could try the Natal Chart based personalised service Career Ask A Question. With the Moon in Gemini, individuals often display some form of restlessness and are always on the tenterhooks.

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Often, such individuals have their mind operating overtime and they are inclined to study things and settings in an intellectual manner without offering much attention to their intuition and feelings. Due to this, most often they might suffer from an emotional conflict which makes them feel nervous and impatient, which also makes them separated from their surroundings.

As far as relationships are concerned, these individuals not only require physical stimulation, but they also require intellectual stimulation from their partners.

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  4. Because of their restless nature, they are extremely prone to create worrisome thought patterns, which make them constantly nervous. This severely impacts their nervous energy and might make them prone to health problems. Also Read Gemini About.

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