Astrology capricorn december 12 2019

You're more of a leader than a joiner, but over the next three weeks, you'll relish being part of a worthy cause.

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Heart-centered Venus is lighting up your civic eleventh house With your ruler, disciplined Saturn, preparing to wrap up a three-year march through your sign, Not only is the Sun in Serious Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of tough lessons and wisdom. Accustomed to regular butt-kickings from Saturn, you often see life as an uphill battle, with the ultimate reward arriving only through suffering and sacrifice. Ambitious Capricorn is symbolized by a mountain goat climbing up a rocky hill, taking one cautious step at a time.

December 12222 monthly horoscope

Hardworking Caps are devoted to their friends and families, and people count on you for support. You always keep your word. Keep ploughing away. Fortunately, few signs are quite as industrious as you. You are a natural worker, although do guard against becoming a workaholic.

December 12 Zodiac Sign

You are acutely sensitive and do require a release valve. Mercury in Virgo fortifies your female friendships and memory.

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On the 6th, Mercury moves into Libra and pending tasks will be completed. Be mindful of how you eat and exercise.