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Please note that on this page, the calendar works in the test mode: Void of Course Moon and retrograde planets are shown regardless of their real movement. This is done for ease of setting design. It also shows the geographic coordinates of cities. Astrological web apps by Astromix can be placed on your pages not only via iFrame.

There is a more radical way: you can purchase and install the source code on your website. In this case, you will receive a number of advantages:. If you are the owner of a valid hosting service, we can offer you a joint project that will allow you to attract a large number of new users by using astrology.

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Horoscope Online. Astrology Online. Time Converter. Support Team. This application is recommended for placement on web resources of any topic, and not just astrological ones. You can test Astrology Online right now. First, please click Manual at the bottom of the form and read the User's Guide. Enter the desired values below and click Apply. JS code will change and the web app will be displayed with the new colors. You can set other parameters of the iFrame yourself.

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In order to do this, specify the desired values in the form below. In this case, the JS code will change accordingly. JS code will change and the calendar will be displayed with the new settings.