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AND how many of them are actually Earth signs! I came across astrologyzone in and it was already a hit and have been reading since. I dont believe this cheap horoscope from magazines and newspapers but I do recomend a map chart. Moi je suis capricorne! Hey, Garance, moi aussi, je suis Taureau! Ce sont les rois du zodiaque! A moins que ce ne soit mon ascendant. I am surprised at how much my personality corresponds with the Taurus description.

If she predicts Nov. Traits are pretty on point. Taurus have a logical, realistic view of the world, while Aquarius have a revolutionary view of everything.

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On the surface, they might not have too many interests in common, but they both have a powerful urge to succeed in their endeavours. Once they share their ideas and resources, they could achieve tremendous success. Sadly it is so true. We are a perfect match made in creative hell.

If I believed believed in horoscopes I should break up with him and find an Aries or Sagittarius. I cracked up about your crossed out description of Pisces. Astrology can be a reference to the basic traits, but people tend to focus on the good points it indicates. The traits can be found in everyone, just a matter of percentage.

I think while the growing process, culture, and living invironment determine more. Merci Garance pour ce nouveau site extra! Et toi, quel est ton ascendant? Les capricornes ce sont les pires…. However, whilst librans are not supposed to get on with pisces case in point: Je ne lis plus les horoscopes sauf sur la plage: And so is my boyfriend… Together we make a mean stubborn team! They can be very funny to read when bored!

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Un vrai attrape nilgau. Bon courage pour la suite. J y crois pas du tout. Ma raison est simple: Ils disent des choses tellement generales et vagues que, logiquement, il faut que qqch tombe bien. And I read my astrology religiously every single day — I know, how determined and persistent am I?

Garance,I am a Scorpio too, will be our year!! This site Astrologyzone is really ugly! Ooh Garance mais je ss Taureau comme toi alors! But in astrology I do! The planets and stars really influence us, just like the moon influences the tide water and it is a statistical fact that more crimes are committed during full moons.

Being a passionate yogi myself too, yoga closely looks at the phases of the moon, hence moon days when it is best not to exercise, travel, have important meetings etc… Interesting or what? The mysteries of the infinite universe ahh…. Not so sure about calm though…. I used to frequent it often while I lived there. And the compatibility things are pretty true.

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I am totally explosive with an Aries and nicely complimented by the opposition of a Capricorn. Ils sont pas cons. Je suis une vraie terrienne. Just like you Garance, I never really take astrology seriously but as a fellow Taurus, after reading those boards, they describe my personality to a tee! This is my Pisces speaking.

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Spiritual nature, at home in the paradoxes. Unexplainable mysteries, yes please! Believer in True Love and unimaginable depth of merging with that love. Unsatisfied unless the essence of a thing has been found and delved into.

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Am I driving you crazy? Oui, oui, oui tu parles horoscope et J. I believe in personality and compatibility I know, embarrassing as it is! Also, have you seen the twitter site zodiacfacts? I know exactly what you mean! My Mum and my Grandma are massively into horoscopes and although most of me thinks, yeah, whatever, whenever my Mum tells me about it, it rings so true by the end of the conversation I am convinced…almost.

And if you think that the basic birthday — starsign thing is scarily accurate, wait until someone starts telling you about how your time and year of birth comes into it, it starts to get really weird…. Whenever I start going out with a boy, Mum always asks about his sign, and starts to tell me about it, and it is always so freakyly accurate before she even meets him!

For example, my boy is a Leo, and is massively lazy, just like a male lion he likes to think he is the dominant one, is very proud and has quite a fierce roar when he is angry. But he is also generous and affectionate. Garance, you really need to introduce yourself to mysticmedusa. Moi je suis vierge. Because it is sooooo accurate. What do you think? I woudl have thought they would be so easy and fun and ways to be original!

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Another funny thing is: What a great combination! It was sublime and beautiful…. I assumed it wouldn't be on the list since it's an Anglophone name. Ulp, it was spot-on. In order to check other astrology signs I had to learn the names: I have also found a site called Astrofred ; there are many more. Posted by Polly-Vous Francais at 3: French traditions , media. Newer Post Older Post Home. Targeted Website Traffic - Webmasters helping webmasters develop high value relevant links. Promoting ethical web-marketing using the time trusted pillars of relevance and popularity.

follow url Zee Facebook fan page Polly-Vous Francais? I'm really nice, if you ask permission, I give it, and you give attribution. View my complete profile. Toggle navigation astrological dates change. Le parisien horoscope verseau Alors moi je suis taureau ascendant scorpion, tu crois que c est bon pour moi? Les plus lus. On a side note, Taurus loves loose clothes. Delaware says state guidelines requires that Money - Gram send unclaimed property to the company's state of incorporation instead in the state of origin.

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