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For centuries, astrology was at the heart of science, medicine, philosophy, and magick. The Hermetic axiom "as above, so below" signified the belief that the vast, mysterious macrocosm of the universe reflects the microcosm of humans' experiences. The advent of the telescope and corresponding discovery of the so-called "modern planets" — Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto — completed the celestial puzzle. Though the function of astrology has changed it's now more frequently used to gauge romantic compatibility than to predict the fate of the harvest , today we still observe the planets as the ancient Babylonians did.

Though astrology is a vast, complex, and highly specialized study, the core principles are straightforward: A birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment of your birth you can calculate yours here. It reveals the precise location of each of the planets and which constellation they occupied.

What does astrology have to do with the stars?

In some birth charts, all the planets are in the same constellation; in others, they're spread across the sky. The distance between these planets is important since each has its own celestial function. Let's take a look at each significant entity in the sky. When someone asks you what your sign is, whether or not they know it, they're asking about the position of the sun at your moment of birth.

The sun symbolizes our fundamental essence.

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This vibrant celestial body represents our ego, sense of self, basic personality, and general preferences. You can read more about what your sun sign says about you right here. The sun governs the zodiac sign Leo, the vivacious, dynamic fire sign that exudes both bravery and theatricality. It takes approximately one month to transit — or move across — a zodiac sign. The moon's gravitational pull regulates the climate and oceanic tides. Within astrology, the moon represents our emotional inner world.

While the sun exposes our outer experience, the moon symbolizes everything beneath the surface. It represents the spiritual retreat of our most private selves.

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The moon governs the zodiac sign Cancer, the sensitive, protective water sign that defines nurture, comfort, and security. The moon is the fastest moving celestial body in the sky and takes approximately two and a half days to transit a zodiac sign. The smallest and innermost planet of the solar system, Mercury is named after the Roman deity who served as a messenger to the gods. Within astrology, Mercury symbolizes communication. While the moon reflects our emotions, Mercury reflects logic and rationality. Mercury uses its clever intellect and relentless curiosity to analyze, sort, and classify, helping us synthesize and articulate complex ideas.

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Mercury takes 13 or 14 days to transit a zodiac sign and goes retrograde three or four times per year. Named after the enchanting Roman goddess, Venus is the vibrant planet that represents beauty, love, and money. Known in traditional astrology as a "benefic" Jupiter is the other benefic , Venus boasts an auspicious influence. Indulgent Venus is happiest when luxuriating: Fine wines, extended baths, and aromatic moisturizers align with the Venusian spirit. Venus's highbrow tastes reflect our interest in art and culture, while its romantic sensibilities reveal our idealized perception of love.

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Both earth sign Taurus and air sign Libra are ruled by Venus, each representing a different side of Venus's expression: Taurus is physical, while Libra is cerebral. Venus takes approximately four to five weeks to transit a zodiac sign and goes retrograde every 18 months.

The Red Planet is known for its battle cry. Named after the Roman god of war, Mars symbolizes action, determination, and aggression. Its impassioned spirit often manifests when we're racing to meet a deadline, running to catch a flight, or competing for a selective position. Mars is the fire under our ass, providing the adrenaline-charged boost of energy that fuels movement.

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  • It also reflects our physical passion and lust. This planet governs Aries, the impulsive fire sign known for its high-octane vivacity. Mars takes approximately six to seven weeks to transit a zodiac sign and goes retrograde every two years. The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter — or Zeus, in Greek mythology — is recognized for its colossal presence. Referred to as the "Great Benefic" in traditional astrology, Jupiter symbolizes fortune, philosophy, abundance, and spirituality. Difference between oppositions and squares: Squares create the kind of tension that demands action.

    Oppositions also create tension, but natives generally seek out others in relationships in order to work out that tension! Note that planets in opposition generally occur with compatible sign elements, while squares generally occur between signs that are considered incompatible by element. The closer the aspect, the more unconscious and habitual it is likely to be.

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    Interestingly, I have found that we tend to identify more with aspects with wider orbs. Aspects with larger orbs are usually dynamics of our personalities that are most obvious to us, while others in our lives may notice the energies of our closer aspects more than we do. This is because close aspects are very subjective and habitual.

    They are so much a part of us that we may not pay much attention to the personality dynamics that they represent. With experience and increased self-awareness as well as feedback from others , we come more in touch with these instinctive facets of our personalities. Of course, astrology can help us better understand these dynamics. Stop to think about each aspect in your chart and accept that it is part of you.

    Abandon the idea that any one aspect is more powerful than another, just for the duration of this exercise.

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    Allow yourself to accept that each aspect you see in your chart is valid energy in your life. The basis of this exercise is acceptance. As well, we are not yet open to the fact that although we live with ourselves every moment, we do not know ourselves all that well! By accepting this concept, we serve to gain tremendous insight into our personalities. We increase our awareness and mindfulness.

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